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MOVO began as a simple concept

After years of working in uncomfortable conference room chairs, our founder had an audacious idea: reimagining the shape of the chair to support better posture. The concept was simple: a chair narrow at the top, which allowed the shoulders to relax backward into good posture. 

MOVO outperforms competitors in posture,
and matches across other key criteria

Test Details

Sample Size = 33

Population: Users represent a wide range of age (18 - 65 yrs), height (5'2" - 6'7"), and weight (130 - 300 lbs.) 

Duration: Each user tested MOVO for at least a half day, in line with testing methods from leading office furniture manufacturers

Ratings: Users rated both MOVO and their current chair on a 1-10 scale across key dimensions (see right). 

Test Location: All tests were conducted in office settings where MOVO would be compared to commercial-grade furniture (e.g., Herman Miller, Steelcase)


The modern design embraces simplicity



The name "MOVO" was selected because it evokes feelings of movement, trust, and ascension - the height of sitting with good posture. The "rising" logo design was selected to represent the same ascension while echoing the shape of the chair.

Image (12 of 20).jpg


We believe good design is both practical and transparent. When we discovered that the narrow back design led to better posture, we wanted to help the user have the same discovery. The unique shape of our chair is transparent in communicating visually what the product does practically. We love it, and we hope you do too!

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