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Work-From-Home: Two Healthy Hacks!

With so much of the world is working from home, here are two work-from-home habits to consider that will have a tremendous impact on your health!

#1 – Move (throughout the day)

Take frequent breaks and switch working positions. After 26 minutes, vascular pooling due to inactivity begins – whether you are sitting or standing (and much more severely in standing) (1). Use standing or walking “breaks” strategically throughout the day: (2)

  • Take a conference call while standing

  • Go for a mid-day walk

  • Set a reminder to stand and stretch every half hour

#2 – Invest (in a chair)

This cannot be overstated. People are accustomed to investing in their mattresses and in running or athletic shoes, but they will sit more than they stand or lie down: combined. (3)

Do your research and invest in a chair that will support your health! Unfortunately the MOVO chair is still in development, but here the two most important things to look for:

  1. A backrest – without one your body will fatigue and slouch within ten minutes. (4) The taller, the better! (5)

  2. A (slightly) declined seat. This increases the trunk-thigh angle: “the most important postural factor in the causation of low-back pain in sitting”. (6) This is the angle that your hips take between your upper body and your thighs. The ideal trunk-thigh angle for working is 110 degrees (7): a declined seat and a modest recline will get you there!


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