Comfort and posture: The pillars of the Movo experience

Movo was painstakingly designed to provide the optimal seating experience by providing unparalleled comfort and posture support. We believe our chair is the best around, and we want you to believe it too! See exactly how our chair improves comfort and posture beyond standard office chairs.

Our Tests:

We gave our chair to ten different businesses over the course of the year, with over 200 people sitting in our chair. These users completed a pre-sit and post-sit survey on the performance of their current chair and on the performance of the Movo Chair. The results show the power of the Movo seating experience!


Still Don't Believe Us?

We tested our chair with an EMG (Electromyography) machine, which measures the electrical signals produced by muscles when they are activated. Movo, compared to standard office chairs, reduces upper back engagement by 64%, reducing seating fatigue and improving posture for users long-term.

Movo   |    The Modern Office Chair

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